first impressions

You Have Two Shots to Look Good


You have two chances to make a great first impression at the start of every match: (1) your arrival courtside when you’re tending to your prematch responsibilities, and (2) the captains’ meeting. Wisely use the time during prematch activities. Be efficient. Develop good habits and have a consistent routine.

It starts when you first enter the court with your partner, as a team. Like it or not, you are being sized up by everyone in the gym, whether you’re a new face or a veteran. The players, coaches, event management and the spectators — they’re all watching. They’re looking at your uniform. Be sharp! They’re watching you go through your routine — measuring the net, checking game ball pressure, assessing the court’s overhead obstructions and obstacles on the floor. They’re trying to figure out what kind of game you’re going to call. And right now, all they have to go on is your appearance and your prematch routine.