Donna Guilbert Memorial Award

The Executive Board is honored to announce the creation of the Donna Guilbert Memorial Award. This annual award will be presented to an official who has demonstrated outstanding quality, high moral character, top quality officiating and be held in high esteem by their colleagues, the coaches and athletes. The nominee must have at least 10 years experience as an official and will be chosen through a process of nomination and selection by an awards committee. The Executive Board believes this to be a fitting way to honor the memory of Donna who was an integral part of our association. She had a lifetime of volleyball experience as a player, coach, and official and reached the highest level of success while maintaining her character and integrity.

Donna Guilbert Award Winners
Year Name  
2011 Donald Casamento



2012-Victor Sciacchetano

2013-Peter Lukach

2014-Linda Liebiedz

2015-Ron Waack

2016-Lou Ravettine

2017-Fran Forenza

2018-Bob Ebersbach

2019-Sue Burek

2021-Aric Hall

2022-Tom Pacailler