Join Us!

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the NORTHEAST CHAPTER 2 VOLLEYBALL OFFICIALS ASSOCIATION.

Each year our chapter has a training program for those individuals who wish to become eligible to officiate high school volleyball. We have designed a program that will train individuals in a comprehensive knowledge of the rules in preparation for the National Federation Test and in the proper mechanics of officiating.

Each applicant must complete the application and submit two reference letters, along with the registration fee of $270.00. Once you have been approved for the class, each applicant must then fulfill the following requirements:

  • Attend five virtual rules meetings where the rules of volleyball are presented and discussed by the rule’s interpreter: Sharon Hughes 
  • Pass the NFHS written rules test. PASSING GRADE IS 80%.
  • Complete eight observations of Varsity/JV matches. Signature sheets will be provided for verification purposes. You are not permitted to officiate varsity matches. 
  • Attend two mechanics sessions in-person.
  • Complete the NFHS ‘Concussion’, ‘Ball Handling’ and ‘Alignment’ courses prior to taking the NFHS Exam.
  • Fulfill all chapter requirements as they pertain to dues, meetings, annual refresher test, and concussion certification.
  • Submit five unique passing evaluations - each from a different official in the NORTHEAST CHAPTER 2 VOLLEYBALL OFFICIALS ASSOCIATION, certified by NJSIAA who is in good standing. These evaluations must be submitted to the Assistant Cadet Supervisor before approval to become a certified official. 
  • Cadets who do not finish their requirements can officiate NON-VARSITY MATCHES. This would include Freshmen and Middle School matches. IF NEEDED, THEY MAY OFFICIATE A VARSITY MATCH IN AN EMERGENCY, BUT ONLY AS THE R-2 !!!!!!!


Pick which class session you are signing up for. • For classes beginning in August/September, choose Fall Session.
List any and all experiences with officiating any sport(s) here.