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Registration Fees
1st Sport                                        $55                             

General membership meeting dates for 2023-24

For the 2023 - 2024 Volleyball Season, please make note of the following (Tentative) meeting dates. All meetings begin at 7:30 PM, All meetings will be Virtual.
General membership meeting dates for 2021-22

August 24 2023   Thursday             7:30       Virtual  or in person at PCTI                     Rules and Mechanics (2)

October 5, 2023    Thursday            7:30       Virtual                      Business Meeting & Elections (1)

2020 Officials Areas of Concern

The following are areas of concern -

1.  Enforcement of uniform rules:

                Some Liberos are not wearing a shirt that is in clear contrast and distinct from other members of the team.

                Uniforms are without a front number

                Players are removing uniform parts while in the playing area.

                Sleeves not the same color as the uniform top

                Undergarments that are not the same color as the dominant color of the uniform bottom.

NFHS Concussion Course

Once again we have to complete the NFHS Concussion Course for the 2014-2015 Volleyball seasons. The course can be found at: www.nfhslearn.com. Log in to www.nfhslearn.com and choose the "Free Elective Course." In the middle of the screen choose the "Concussion Course." Log in to order the course (IT IS FREE FOR NEW JERSEY). Follow the directions. You must log in to begin the course.